About normobaria

Normobaria – an artificial environment created for the purpose of recreation and improvement of health, characterized by the following parameters of the atmosphere:

  • air pressure of 1500 hPa,
  • oxygen concentration of 35-40%,
  • CO2 concentration of 1-3%,
  • hydrogen concentration of 0,5%,

A normobaric chamber is a place of recreation and improvement of health similar to saunas, salt caves and brine graduation towers. A session inside a normobaric chamber does not constitute of medical treatment and does not have the purpose of treating disease.

Normobaria was invented by a medical doctor Jan Pokrywka as a type of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which makes it possible to remain inside the altered atmosphere safely and without time limits for the purpose of recreation and health improvement. The first normobaric house was built in Szalejowo Górne in 2013 r. – Doktor Pokrywka has lived inside it ever since.